Microsoft Outlook 2019 – the best features for mail management

If you are looking for a handy standalone application to manage your emails efficiently, you can rely on Microsoft Outlook 2021. Not only for professional use, but also for private use, Outlook always creates the desired clarity. Thus, new emails are displayed directly on your PC without the need to constantly update manually. But how exactly has Microsoft Outlook 2021 changed? We will present that to you in more detail below.


In these cases Microsoft Outlook 2019 becomes the best help

As a comprehensive email program, Microsoft Outlook 2019 allows you to send, read and receive new mails. But in addition to the central basic functions, Microsoft Outlook 2021 convinces with many other advantages. Above all, user security and intuitive operation become important aspects at this point. In this way, e-mails remain secure in the long term.

So that you don’t have to worry about malicious codes in attachments, Microsoft Outlook 2021 is equipped with a practical scanner. This takes a close look at email attachments and ensures that your device remains protected from any negative effects. Outlook also checks the links contained in the text very carefully and informs you about any threat present. This makes it easy to get back to focusing more on the content of the emails and not on threats.

Practical functions around the new Outlook version

For an even better understanding of the existing content, Microsoft Outlook 2021 offers a new translator add-in. Even without extensive preparation, the texts from the e-mails can be translated quickly and compactly here. With more than 70 languages, the understanding of the many sent e-mails remains universal. In addition to this, however, there are also a large number of new functions in the areas of commenting and highlighting. With our small list, we have compiled the most important details that will be offered in Microsoft Outlook 2021:

  • New design for a more modern look
  • Easier linking with other users
  • More stability and long-term performance
  • New dropdown menu for simplified searching
  • Annotation via mouse, pen or finger
  • More icons, images and media content

Even though Microsoft Outlook 2019 is not a completely new tool, the upgrade is well worth it. The many changes and enhancements make working more efficient and modern. If you want to manage multiple email accounts, this will also be possible with the new Outlook. This way you will stay up to date at each of your locations in the long run.

Ideal for direct linking with Windows 11

In addition to the wide-ranging functions, Microsoft Outlook 2019 also focuses on the extension to Windows 11. You’ll benefit from an all-new design as well as an integrated Dark Mode. When it comes to streamlined collaboration and increased focus, this makes Microsoft Outlook 2021 a powerful solution. If you don’t have Windows 11 yet, the new Outlook can of course also be used with Windows 10.

Of course, Microsoft Outlook 2021 offers a special advantage for business use. Thanks to the optimized collaboration for all Microsoft applications, it is easy to work together better even at different locations. So you are guaranteed not to miss any of the important mails anymore, which means you don’t have to worry about up-to-date information.

Buy Microsoft Outlook 2021 yourself now at Blitzhandel24

Would you like to update your e-mail management yourself now? Then you can buy Microsoft Outlook 2019 right here with us. This way you get a practical lifetime license, with which nothing stands in the way of a smooth use. In addition, there is the extensive encryption, with which you always remain at the cutting edge of technology. We will gladly provide you with the latest version of Outlook so that you can extend your technical security.

System requirements

Supported operating system

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • the three latest versions of Apple MacOS

Hardware requirements

Microsoft Windows – Dual Core Prozessor – 1.1 GHz – RAM 4 GB – HD 4 GB
Apple MacOS – RAM 4 GB – HD 10 GB

Additional requirements

Internet connection


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