Microsoft Office 365 is the most widely used suite among users around the world.
1. Ability to use one account for 5 devices at once. Work from home, at work, on a trip – your office is always with you!
2. Cloud storage for as much as 1TB! With your account, you can also use the OneDrive cloud on all available devices.
3. Automatic synchronization in the cloud of your documents. If you have never used this before, then you should already start! Work where it is convenient for you, without loading your head, how and where to save it all, now you only need access to the Internet and Office 365 will do everything for you.
4. Adherence to standards in the new solution. This is all the same Office, but with a new improved interface that is as intuitive as possible, but at the same time includes a huge functional combine, any user will find the right one for himself!


✅ Microsoft Office 365 Plus includes:
– Word
– Excel
– PowerPoint
– One Note
– access
– One Drive (1TB)


After payment, open the INSTRUCTIONS.

✅ Office 365 Plus 1TB OneDrive account (Login : Password)
✅ Enter the official page:
✅ When you log in, you can change your password immediately!
✅ Use Office on your devices anywhere in the world without restrictions.
✅ Supports up to 5 different devices! (Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android)
✅ Validity period: 1 year.


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