Windows 10 Enterprise 2021 LTSC, Multilanguage, 20 PCs, digital license.

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 2021 is a version specially designed for companies of the new Microsoft operating system. This version contains, in addition to the functions included in Windows 10 Pro, other features that simplify everyday activity, allowing you to work more efficiently. Special features in the Windows 10 Enterprise edition • “DirectAccess” for transparent and secure access of mobile employees to the corporate network • “AppLocker” is Microsoft’s extended successor to Software Restriction Policies (SRP), with which administrators can prevent the launch or installation of unwanted software • “Branch Cache”, which requires Windows Server 2012 or later, checks, before accessing a file stored on a remote server, if an identical copy has not already been cached on a faster local PC • “Device Guard” allows you to set sources of admissible applications • “Windows To Go” allows you to install Windows 10 Enterprise on a USB stick Windows 10 Enterprise, the complete solution for businesses In addition to these exclusive features, Windows 10 Enterprise also offers other corporate features such as domain access, Group Policy management, BitLocker, corporate mode for Internet Explorer EMIE, Remote Desktop, dedicated access 8.1, as well as a Hyper- V. Of course, Windows 10 Enterprise also has all the new features, such as the Cortana language assistant, the new Microsoft Edge Internet browser, Continuum mode for touch devices, as well as facial and fingerprint recognition for increased security. Professional IT support through Windows 10 Enterprise Windows will act in the future as more than a service, which is why no other versions are planned after Windows 10. But Microsoft does not focus only on optimizing the system and fixing defects. The “Windows as a Service” principle also includes new features that were not yet included at the time of purchase. Thus, Windows 10 Enterprise is constantly expanded and improved.

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