SQL server 2016 standard

SQL Server 2016 Standard offers updated features through integrated in-memory performance and operational analytics. SQL Server’s comprehensive security features, such as the new Always Encrypted technology, help protect your data at rest and in transit and further optimise the AlwaysOn solution for high availability and disaster recovery.Gain better insight into your data with new Advanced Analytics capabilities. With built-in mobile business intelligence (BI) capabilities, you can create high-quality visual reports for users across the enterprise and on multiple devices. You can also access business information in the office or on the go, online or offline.Database: Stretch lets you take advantage of the scalable cloud. Among other things, it allows you to dynamically stretch hot and cold transactional data in Microsoft Azure, ensuring that your data is always free when you need it, in all circumstances. What’s more, with SQL Server 2016 Standard you get a fully hybrid database platform in the cloud. This makes it much easier to create, deploy and manage on-premises and cloud solutions.

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SQL server 2016 standard

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