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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard is available from DiscountSoft catalog. Order your 100% genuine license and receive it right away. Enjoy all the benefits of this modern and performing software for your relational databases. Buying Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard means maximizing performance across your departments and optimizing their productivity. In case of doubt or questions, don’t hesitate! Contact our Technical Support that will guide you throughout the post-selling stages.


Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard for Business

Choosing Microsoft SQL Server 2017 for your Business is a big step forward to a platform oriented to different development languages, data types, as well as local and cloud storage. Finally, you can use SQL Server features on Linux and Linux-based Docker containers. SQL Server 2017 includes:

  • – Linux Support for SQL Server
  • – Machine Learning Services
  • – Improved Query Processing
  • – Smart Differential Backup


Order Microsoft SQL Server 2017 now for your Business and enjoy all its benefits, while saving over the MSRP!


Download Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard

With DiscountSoft, you can immediately download Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard. At the end of your order, following the provided instructions, you’ll be able to download, install and activate SQL Server within a few minutes. You’ll obtain everything in your inbox, complete with your genuine and guaranteed license so that you can autonomously install your SQL 2017. However, if you or your IT team need support, our free English-speaking Customer Service is there for you. And remember: each order placed on DiscountSoft is covered by our full money-back warranty.


Install Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard in Digital Format

Why choose us to buy, download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard? For more than 18 years, DiscountSoft has played a key role in the Digital Market. We’ve been among the pioneers in the digital software delivery segment, offering both accessible prices and a fast service, 100% authorized and legit. We successfully served over 350k customers and we’re even more popular across the globe. Buy with full confidence your digital products from Mr Key Shop, just like Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard: only our store offers you the best business and commercial software at competitive prices. It’s not just saving, though: you’ll eliminate any downtime since each order is processed and delivered within a few minutes from the transaction. Digital email delivery lets you be up and running in no time, with full safety from tracked payments like PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, with SSL protection. As a further value, you can help protect the environment: our digital culture integrates with our ecological ethics. We never ship physical goods, therefore we can contribute to reducing pollution and waste. DiscountSoft is a 100% Eco-Friendly Company!



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SQL server 2017 standard

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